His Own Majesty and Holiness, His Quasaric Sphericity the Lord Bwana Honolulu, Lord of Gammellot Castle, Superpreme Commanderor of Suicide Commando Ω−, Souvereign over Everything, Everything Else and Nothing Again, Great-Grandpapapope and Meta-God Emperor in Zimmer523, Grand Admiracle of the Mounted Naval Cavalry at Sea, Donor and Founder of the DisOrder of Shmendrick, Co-Founder of the DisOrder of the Unified BathTub Sinkers, Reichsminister für Popularpodicifikation, Keeper of the Holy Q, Tzam'y Ruushkghr'y Vask'y Ruushk, Janitor of Aktion 23, Keeper, Handler and Administrator of the Fairy Dust, Consistancy Commissioner of the NPIAB, Even Supremer Keeper of the Archive 23/Anarchive of Paganoia, Deputy of the Captain, Deputy Hasty Sayntskeeper of Aktion 23, Secretive Professor of Svarnetics, Primarch of Primates, Undoctor of ‘Pataphysical Studies of the V∵V∵, Dark Elvish Archtrishop of Eris 2.0, Trischop of the O⁙D⁙D⁙, Knight Cobblar of the Square Table, Don Odono do Nodo, N.o.D. of the Kirre-Cabal, Magic Lamp of Lochstetten, Big Swampf, Everything, just the Other Way around, FU, HF, etc. pp.
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