**** New Vendor **** Hey people, So ive been fucking around on the dark web for a couple years now and thought I would give the vendor perspective a go ahead. The main products I will be distributing is Computer software, PC Games, Premium/Paid Programs, Hacks, Tips & Insight on different variations of exploits and pretty much things I have picked up over the years of being "Self Taught". If there is a product that you do not see on my market place and would like to see it, Please DONT hesitate to message me and ask for it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, If there is ANY Issue with any purchased products from my listings, PLEASE contact me first before sending off a dispute. ~~~~~ New Vendor Promo ~~~~~ For EVERY SINGLE positive feed back, I will include NOT 1, BUT TWO free complimentary guides/notes based on what your interests are. Either from Graphic Design Premium templates, to Porn Links and sites. Please just send a message with 3 of your top interests! Thanks and Be Safe!! ICQ/XMPP: Ryda1337@xmpp.jp Wickr: Ryda1337 Wickr Network ID: 46013700 Telegram: https://t.me/Ryda1337 Email: Ryda1337@protonmail.com Referral Link: http://icarus5l5r3vnn5u.onion/register/ref/12664 Market Profile & Store: http://icarus5l5r3vnn5u.onion/user/Blueskies1337
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