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by Principia Discordia.com

Qanon seems to be an attempt to propel large groups of people into an “occult mental space” that they are not prepared to handle. This mental-space is known to psychologists, occult researchers, and conspiracy-theory enthusiasts as “Chapel Perilous.” Qanon’s effect is to “strand” large groups of people in this mental state with a “bad map” (Q as central myth figure), thus ensuring an army of Stone Cold Paranoid Little Deluded Dupes than can be emotionally triggered by certain media.

From Illuminatus! author Robert Anton Wilson:

“Chapel perilous is a stage in the magical quest in which your maps turn out to be totally inadequate for the territory, and you’re completely lost. And at that point, you get an ally who helps you find your way back to something you can understand. And then after that, for the rest of your life, you’ve got this question: “Was that ally a supernatural helper, or was it just part of my own mind trying to save me from going totally bonkers with this stuff?” And the people I know who’ve had that kind of experience, very few of them have ever come to an absolutely certain conclusion about that.”
~ RAW, Maybe Logic

“Chapel Perilous, like the mysterious entity called “I”, cannot be located in the time-space continuum: it is weightless, odorless, taste-less, and undetectable by ordinary instruments. Indeed like the Ego, once you’re inside it there doesn’t seem to be any way to ever get out, again, until you suddenly discover that it has been brought into existence by thought and does not exist outside of thought.” – Robert Anton Wilson

RAW wrote about the Chapel as short-hand for a mental state commonly found among ritual consciousness change practitioners (Zen/Chan Buddhists, Sufis, Freemasons, Hippies, Wiccans, Discordians, Indigenous shaman of various tribes, etc, etc), AND secret intelligence agents of the US & Britain (from their memoirs). Once in this state it is nearly impossible to differentiate between “internal” and “external” emotional triggers. Coincidences and “strange events” stack up in your mind and the mind scrambles to find meaning, any meaning. When things are going your way, the Universe is screaming that God, Thoth, Your Holy Guardian Angel, Shiva, Ganesha, etc are guiding events. When things go badly, the evidence of the Devil, “Karma” (hate this mis-use), the Fates, Demonic Forces, etc refuses to leave your mind.

Each culture’s “gurus”, if genuine, usually have ways of contacting the subconcious in the form of a “Guide” that helps the initiate rebuild their reality-map. Q is a direct attempt at hijacking this proccess, triggering this state in large groups of people & then letting them flounder around in their own fears and paranoia with a “bad map.”

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